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Buhari’s health

By   /  July 31, 2017  /  No Comments

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I mused over the new health mecca to London to see President Buhari and wondered whether whoever organised it thought it through. Over a dozen governors and ministers have undertaken this pilgrimage, and I thought of how much progress we could have made if all the money spent there were converted to pay medical bills at home. The governors who went might have gone out of obligation.

They know how much that money can do, if they convert it to drugs for those suffering from typhoid fever or malaria. The airfare alone would amount to not less than N50 million for all of them. Hotels may gulp another N50 million. Governors don’t travel alone. It takes barely N20K to heal a case of malaria or Typhoid. Many Nigerians turn back from hospitals because they would rather spend that money on food or their kids’ school fees if they can afford it.

Did the organisers think by telling the governors how well Buhari is, all questions will seize? Haba!

So, a few governors went, and others occluded. So, are we saying because Fayose lambasts the president, Ekiti people have no right to know if the president is well? We can save all these if Buhari and his men are not tech Neanderthals. Could he not have appeared to us all on Skype, and other media.

The problem was the fear or contempt of not updating on the nature and state of the health from the beginning. Again, we are tired of the word “soon.” Kalu, the first lady, Okorocha have used the word “soon” since. It will soon become outdated. The President shouldn’t have laughed at those carrying rumours about his condition. They are only doing what humans do in the absence of facts: they filled the void.

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