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Makarfi, Sherriff, PDP, et al

By   /  July 17, 2017  /  No Comments

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The verdict that gave the Makarfi faction of the PDP victory over Sheriff was expected. But that is beside the point now. What is more significant is that it brings our politics to an autumnal moment. Autumns, also called fall, is the weather that forces all leaders to reveal their true colours and the weak ones fall off the tree ahead of a wintry turbulence.

So, with the verdict, all those who belong to APC in PDP will start to show themselves, and vice versa. The quiet storm in APC will also join a narrative of the 2019 elections that is on everyone’s lips but no one is ready to roar.

We cannot escape it. Who will line up behind Buhari’s APC? Will it still remain APC or a ghost of its old vigour? Will it reenergise or fall in smithereens? Are the old PDP guys coming back to their old fold, and how will all these gladiators live together in a fierce battle ahead?

What will Buhari do, if he will do something? Will he be good enough to run a hectic campaign? It is the season of the political patriarchs and duel in the mud. Garcia Marquez’s novel, The Autumn of the Patriarchs, comes to mind, except that he x-rays the bestialities of dictators. We are bracing for a new season where our politicians will show their true colours.

We expect night meetings, money peddling, the crafting of new platforms and coalitions. Backstabbing, strange bed fellows, rhetoric of abuse and embrace. The histrionics will excite, but will they ennoble? Will they help us or the self-styled leaders? Stay tuned.

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