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Wike’s weak position

By   /  June 26, 2017  /  No Comments

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His language is vulgar. His mien is coarse and brutish. His ambience invokes violence. His name is Nyesom Wike, and, believe it or not, he is a governor. When he is not lying about Rivers State money in the posh apartment in Victoria Island and even swearing before the Almighty in church, he is denying his voice in a filthy conversation with an electoral officer. The best way to approach him is to see him as a burst of humour in an increasingly humourless country.

Recently, he sided with a law that supports a military throwback. The law even supports well-heeled company against his own people. It’s the NLNG law that grants the gas firm a holiday from paying three percent of its N500 billion yearly profit to help with development in the region.

The army, with its pecuniary interest, forbade NLNG from paying that relatively small sum. Wike stands against his country and his people. He railed at those who want NLNG to pay. Some say he would have thought otherwise if Jonathan were in office today.

The man gave no reason of any intellectual quality. In his boorish way, he roared against reason, even though the House of Representatives has already weighed in on the side of the people and wants NLNG to pay.

NLNG says it is not oil-producing. A cop-out indeed. You want to eat where you did not sow. So it wants to enjoy a tax-free life while others who did the yeoman’s job are paying. It’s like saying I cooked the soup, but I should not be held responsible for how the onions entered the kitchen. That’s too complicated for a Wike. And I understand why.

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